1. Bessie Harvey

    The Tribal Man (African King), 1987.

    Found wood, costume jewelry, feathers, wire, wood putty, paint.


  2. Bessie Harvey

    Snake Woman, 1987.


  3. Bessie Harvey

    The World, late 20th century.


  4. George Walker Bush

    President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan


  5. George Walker Bush

    Junichiro Koizumi


  6. George Walker Bush

    President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia


  7. Alan Michael

    Publicity Agent, 2014.


  8. Alan Michael

    Untitled (Shoes, Blue), 2012.


  9. Alan Michael

    Gases Rising, 2013.


  10. An Assembly

    Untitled Screenshot, 2014


  11. Quisqueya Henriquez

    A Heap of Paradise, 2007.

    PVC tubes and rubber; dimensions variable.


  12. Quisqueya Henriquez

    Still from The Orchestra Man, 2009.


  13. Quisqueya Henriquez

    Ellsworth Kelley Inside Richard Tuttle, 2013.

    Digital photograph printed on Hannemuller museum paper. Graphic pattern printed on fine art paper mounted on Dibond; 36 x 54 inches.


  14. Lyle Ashton Harris

    Ready-Made, 2001.

    Pigment print on Kozo paper.

    30 x 40 inches.


  15. Lyle Ashton Harris

    Untitled (Miss Ghana), 2010.